Through the application of mathematical expertise, statistical knowledge, economic and financial analyses, and problem-solving skills, we help organizations understand the long-term financial implications of their decisions, many of which can affect individuals as well as the wider community.


Internal Model Development and Validation

We assist our clients in developing internal models for the assessment of solvency capital requirements, or the calculation of economic capital according to own requirements. In addition, we perform expert, unbiased model validations to ensure the strength and accuracy of solvency capital requirements, avoiding unpleasant surprises.

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P&C Insurance Reserve Audits

We provide auditing of unpaid claim estimates and expert, unbiased reviews of property & casualty insurance reserving methodologies and techniques. Alongside, we make available our proprietary tools for the estimation of claim reserves.

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Actuarial Training & Support

We facilitate the maximization of the potential of actuarial staff through the delivery of quantitative tools, modeling platforms, data management systems, as well as expert, tailored training to suit your company's needs.

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Appointed Actuary Services & Actuarial Functions

Subject to regulatory requirements of your company's jurisdiction, we provide Appointed Actuary services and deliver statements of actuarial opinion, regarding the appropriateness of the methodologies and underlying models used as well as the assumptions made in the calculation of technical provisions. We are qualified to supply the actuarial function, as defined by Art. 48 of the Solvency II Directive.

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